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date nights~

OK so a babysitter is not always the easiest much less affordable thing to find. And not to mention with the change in the economy we can barely go out on a date because of lack of funds! One important thing I want to work on in my marriage is keeping it alive and helping to maintain a great friendship with my husband. I know that in order for my marriage to last and stay strong I have to pray without ceasing....

So put your kiddo's down and try these date night at home tips... its original along with creative and your right in the comfort of your own home.

*cheese tasting night- at wal mart in the deli area they have lots of flavored cheese and the prices are pretty reasonable.~ make it fun blind fold your hubby and see if he can guess the name of the flavor of cheese... both of you compare your favorites. Heck even take turns feeding it to one another!!! :) the idea to this kinda simple date night is just so you two can enjoy each others company and enjoy tasty cheese! :)

*movie night~ of course who doesn't love a classic movie night. Curl up on the couch and love one another!;)

*game night~ couples should always have some fun board games on hand. My husband and I even make game night about taking turns playing the play station 3!

* spa night~ light some candles and give back massages and enjoy a relaxing bath!

Well that's just a couple totally cheap last minute date nights to enjoy at home but, remember its all about what you make it!

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