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My Mothers Day Inspiration

I wanted to share two of my favorite Mothers Day poems with you!

Little Shoes
In the top drawer of her dresser is one pair of little shoes,
And a pair of little booties from which her Mom can choose.
Although she cannot walk just yet, out with her Mom she goes
For strolls in different shades of pink From her head down to her toes.
But soon the little newborn Has to a toddler grown;
In patent-leather party shoes She's walking all alone.
But someone's watching closely, as she takes each shaky stride.
And though she may not notice it, Her Mom is at her side.
The nursery's now a bedroom, The baby's crib is gone.
The little girl is off to school With brand-new sneakers on.
She skips onto the schoolyard With a step as light as air,
While Mom, though smiling bravely, Feels at loose ends standing there.
The little girl grows older, And with each passing year,
Her first high-heels and cowgirl boots Eventually appear.
And then, as if by magic, The little girl is grown.
She wears the latest fashions, Bought with earnings of her own.
Then one fine day she's walking With her father at her side,
In shoes of fine white satin, for now she is a bride.
I wonder where the time has gone, And wistfully recall,
My little girl, in little shoes, So innocent and small.
And now I am a Granny, And Daughter, you're a Mom.
Your little newborn child is The sunshine of your home.
The top drawer of thier dresser Is filled with little shoes,
And many pairs of booties, From which you now can choose.
Cherish each passing moment, The laughter and the tears,
For days go by so swiftly, And gather soon to years.
The little shoes they will outgrow Before you realize,
They will blossom like a summer's rose, Before your very eyes.
Be always there to walk with them, When up against the odds,
Make sure they know that they can count On mother and on God.
And though they'll spread their wings and fly, As all our daughters do,
One day she'll wear a mother's shoes, And she'll come home to you.
author unknown to me

A Mothers Love
A Mother's thoughts run through her mind
while she sits in her rocking chair
holding her baby in her arms.
She looks into her little girl's face
with such love and hope for the future.
She gets a chill down her spine as...
The sweet sounds of her Mother's voice.
fills her head.
"The world will be yours,
Just wait, my Little Girl.
There's so much out there for you to explore.
It is what only you can imagine or dream of.
It will all be there for you.
You can be anything you wish to be."
Grow up, my Sweet Girl,
but take your time.
Enjoy every second of your childhood,
for you only get to be a child once.
Don't grow up so fast, my Little Girl.
I will hate to see you leave.
The hardest thing for a mother is to let go
but someday you will be grown,
my Baby Girl.
One day I will watch you leave and
fly on your own through the sky like a bird.
Pride I will feel in my heart,
with a sense of loss as I watch you soar.
How much pain I know you will feel
before reaching that day.
I will feel your growing pains with you,
because you are a part me...
You are me.
So, Little One, slow down to a crawl.
Take your time
and be the child you where meant to be.
Your time will come.
Don't worry, your turn is going to be here before
you know it.
I know it seems like a lifetime to you,
but to a Mother it comes sooner than you think.
One day you will have your own little girl...
and you will tell her, "Slow down, my Daughter.
Don't go so fast.
Just stay and be my friend.
Don't push me away, my Daughter.
Because I love you so much, my sweet Daughter."
author unknown to me

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