Just a Barefoot Southern Mama! :) Growing, learning and loving daily :) My life has many blessings and I am so thankful for the Grace that has been shown to me! I'm married to my soul mate/ best friend Dalton! We have a sweet little boy Noah. I now know what it feels like to watch your heart walk outside your body :) You can find me in my home surrounded with Children, baking, crafting and reading. THIS BLOG: Has Became my SCRAPBOOK more than anything.


Inspire Me Tuesday~

Inspire Me Tuesdays is a day I like to focus on a certain thing, person or place that gives me inspiration and kinda puts me in good cheer  for the week.

I dedicate this Inspire Me Tuesday to a little place in the woods. Yes, I know that seems strange but I believe that living in North West Arkansas has done a lot for me as a person, wife, and mother!:) I just feel better here! No way to really explain it. There is so much to do here and so many beautiful places and scenery... I have a place tucked off in the woods in the bluffs that I just absolutely love to go and sit and think! I wish I had more time to do this.

This is what it looks like as you are walking up to it! and as you go more to the left and stand in front you will get the top picture!

Here it is covered in snow! This was a very beautiful scene... :)

And if you walk on up to the right of this spot you will find a little waterfall! Its just beautiful!:)

This place is inspiring to me! and I love to sit here and listen to the water crash against the rocks and the way it feels all cool against my face.. Its very refreshing!:)


  1. I think everyone should have that little nature/outdoor place of serenity. Mine, is actually two. I have one in the park it is so pretty. Then there is a graveyard! I know, but it has the most beautiful pond in the center with pretty trees and swans in it. It is just peaceful. Oh, and then there is the rose garden I like to go to on Mother's Day to pray.

  2. Awesome places Sis!:) wow, a graveyard..scary but, it sounds very peaceful! And the rose garden.. I wanna find one! lol! I love to look for places like this... having a little special place is great! thanks for sharing.. :)


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