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I am inspired today to teach my family to Volunteer... I think its important to teach your children to work, explore and grow with values and traditions... It's not only important to teach to work but the importance of a Volunteer... That you don't always have to help or work to get something in return. That its important to help others just by being there or lending a hand...
One thing that is very important to me and my husband is that we teach N the importance of giving back! So the last two months we have been discussing  community projects or things we can do to help or give back to our community! I have several ideas and basically one day a month for the next six months we will take a day to do this...

Volunteering together as a family is a wonderful way of creating a special bond and lasting memories for families... Here are our plans! And ideas for you and your for your family...
*August 14~ We will be Volunteering with the Cobblestone Project Planting & Harvesting! WE will be harvesting the farm : )

The Farm initiative is designed to use donated land to grow crops that will be used to feed the hungry of NW Arkansas, provide a foundation for Community Supported Agriculture opportunities and provide financial resources from the sale of a portion of the harvest in order will offset operational costs and become fully self-sufficient.
The Farm initiatives has grown out of the story that began with the relationship established at 1,287 with World Garden's Community Feeding Program now known as the Garden. http://cobblestoneproject.org/Home.aspx I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS:)))

*September - Volunteer at the Bella Vista Animal Shelter http://www.bellavista-animalshelter.org/
We will be taking dogs for walks, feeding and cleaning stalls: ) I am excited about this b/c I know that Noah loves animals and I am so glad to teach him that you should always love and take care of animals:)

*October~ Laundry Love in Rogers Ar
Laundry Love Projects with local laundry mats in cleaning the clothes of those in shelters,motels, garages or on the streets.
 This is a great way to help others in need, especially with it getting cold weather: )

With November thru January being the holiday seasons I have SEVERAL ideas so I am still planning these months... Ideas vary from helping at the womens shelter, helping at any shelter handing out food, feeding Thanksgiving meal to a needy family.Adopted a child to buy Christmas gifts for WE are so excited!:)

Here are some helpful sites in finding community projects to participate in with your family..


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  1. I think this is a great idea. Love that you are focusing on others. You know I have learned over the years that by helping others and finding things to do for others takes the focus off all my problems. Then a sense of peace and happiness cultivates and I can handle challenges much better.

    So its a two fold. You help others and you get peace.


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