Just a Barefoot Southern Mama! :) Growing, learning and loving daily :) My life has many blessings and I am so thankful for the Grace that has been shown to me! I'm married to my soul mate/ best friend Dalton! We have a sweet little boy Noah. I now know what it feels like to watch your heart walk outside your body :) You can find me in my home surrounded with Children, baking, crafting and reading. THIS BLOG: Has Became my SCRAPBOOK more than anything.


A hidden passion I have, that I am finally going to live! :))

Since I was a small child I have been fascinated with fairies! : ) I really want to dress up and offer a package for little girls birthday parties... Little girls love fairies... and I could take pictures, dance and play with the children... I am thinking of ordering  wands and wings to offer for the little girls to wear : ) I am also looking forward to wearing different attire and wings in different settings and take photo's :) I will also add a touch with photo shop to the photo's and make a little art out of it! :) My next fairy theme is a bride fairy! :))) ~ Excited!!!... and loving that I am stepping outside myself  and being the fun and quirky "ME" and by the way I don't really care what anyone thinks! : ) : )


  1. I think it is awesome. WE made fairy houses this summer. We went outdoors and collected woods, leaves, and paper dolls, mushrooms, and vines. We made litte cottages in our trees. We even had stepping stones.

    If you like this kid of stuff try looking at the Waldorf Education for Noah. I mean I know you might not homeschool but you could use some of their ideas for your day care or tot/preschool homeschool with Noah.

  2. Thank you sis :) fairy houses AWESOME!!! i am def going to check it out :)


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