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Inspire Me Tuesdays~ Fall~:)

So...finally the windows can go up in the evenings to let the cool air in, and lots of fall fun! :)) So I started off our fall decorations this year with making a fall arrangement for our dining room table.

I love to do anything crafty so this was fun! I am pretty slow about projects and really like to take time at it! So as I was out doing normal day to day errands I would pick up a couple things for my basket... This starts the story of how I even got the basket to make the arrangement.

Out browsing stores one day I found a 'Samaritan Shop' which is basically like a huge garage sale of hand me downs but it has ALL kinds of stuff from electronics, to dishes, furniture, clothes & ect.. and the best thing about it is?... what you purchase from the store the money goes to charity!!!

Well I found an entire shelf of Wicker Baskets, I am talking made great, in wonderful like new condition! :)) And I love to make baskets for the seasons, gifts, and decor... SO i got me three.. You wanna know what I paid? 2 bucks a piece :) wicker baskets run ya $8 or more bucks... and can be real expensive for a good size:)) I am happy about it...

You can decorate a fall arrangement several different ways so I am not going to show you step by step ways because its all about what items you place into it, and what way you would like it arranged: )

Things I used for this arrangement
*fall leaf garland sprinkled in glitter and gourd pieces*  
you can use fake gourd but mine is real and I got it for cheap at wal mart! :)

I am collecting real leaves and acorns over the foliage change thru the next few weeks to add to the basket!~  I am also going add a little glitter to the acorns as well...

The acorns will give it its finishing touch! :) Here is the basket as it is now!

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