Just a Barefoot Southern Mama! :) Growing, learning and loving daily :) My life has many blessings and I am so thankful for the Grace that has been shown to me! I'm married to my soul mate/ best friend Dalton! We have a sweet little boy Noah. I now know what it feels like to watch your heart walk outside your body :) You can find me in my home surrounded with Children, baking, crafting and reading. THIS BLOG: Has Became my SCRAPBOOK more than anything.


Weekly Quote,~ Inspire Me Tuesday~

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

Love this quote... : ) Today has been a really good day, I accomplished to spend no more than my 50.00 budget for groceries. : ) 

As I got to the check out line, I turned behind me to see a lady behind me that had bread, milk, eggs, bacon and flour. I don't know why I decided it right then... but I decided to buy hers. : ) I just gave the lady at the check out twelve dollars... and said this should cover her stuff : ) 

The lady looked at me and smiled and replied with " Okay, no problem that is mighty nice of you." 
I finished checking out and as walking to the car... I looked behind me at the check out counter and the lady I bought the groceries for, Had the biggest smile on her face!!! and just put her money away...

At the car the lady I bought the groceries for walked to a park car down the lane I was parked on.. and she seen me.. And started saying her home had burned down last night.. and how thankful she was! : ) She even wanted to give me ten dollars... lol 

I had a nice day is all I can say.. : ) I know it wasn't much, but I know she appreciated it~

I am so thankful for all my many blessings and family...  

do onto others as you would do to yourself! 

This Tuesday and week I am inspired to do for others... and be thankful of all the times someone has done for me... 

Check back Friday for Friday reflection... "an unexpected gift" : ) 


  1. How awesome is that. What a inspiration.

  2. That is just amazing! I got goose bumps! How could you have known... you didn't but God did and He must have prompted you to put a smile on that lady's face!! So happy to be following along with such a nice person at such a wonderful blog!!
    many many blessings!
    PS I go shopping on Tuesday... where will you be? I'll stand in line behind you!! :)

  3. Audrey, that sent chills up my spine. What a wonderful relationship with God you must have to listen to him and do what you did. I am proud to have a friend like you! That is such an amazing story, cannot wait to share it with Cody :)

  4. Aw thank yall ... it was so strange... while I was in line I just looked back at her and she looked so sad... and like her life was just at a bad time... I don't know why but I got paid 85 dollars and after getting gas and groceries for the week.. I had 12 dollars left.. and as I was standing there before seeing her, I thought to myself wow extra money maybe? should I treat us to a pizza with the 12 bucks or maybe just get us a movie... but then i turned around and seen her and it just hit me.. Give it to her... : ) VERY strange but I am SO glad I did.. I am so worried about not having money for stuff all the time.. and here this lady is with no home... and a family to support...thanks for reading and for your comments : )

  5. God gives to us so that we can give to others. This was a wonderful post and it was very encouraging. Thank you!

  6. Yes very true Blossom , Thank you for reading!

  7. This brought tears to my eyes. Isn't God amazing in the ways that He uses His children?
    I had a similar experience:


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