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Friday Reflection~ His Christmas Wonder

Today I wanted to share my reflection on Noah's 2nd Christmas... He had his first when he was a newborn, and then in 2009 he was a little over age one... Which meant he was able to understand it a little better... I can remember putting the tree decorations out and he was just SO excited and SMILING! : )) He gasp with "aahh" when we turned the lights on : )) He thought he could eat the apple ornaments : ) he reached and pointed in amazement : ) He was actually able to open his gifts and show an emotion about the gift : ) He was able to point to the star and the baby Jesus when we talked about Christmas : ) I am so happy with my family and I love him SO much : )

He thinks he can take a bite : ))))
He LOVED the Tree : )
We enjoyed watching him actually open gifts and be suprised : ))) 

He also had his very first white Christmas : ))))
First Snow and On Christmas Day ! 2009!

Maybe You would like to link up with me and share your little ones first Christmas :)

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  1. He is so cute. I just want to be that Aunt that pnches cheeks. :)


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