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Friday Reflection~ Her touch on Christmas

Hope all of you are having a great Friday : ) I thought it would be nice for the next few Fridays in December that the reflections I write about are from memories from Christmas.
Today I would like to share a memory I have about Christmas from when I was a child. My mom always waited till my sister and I went to sleep and she would decorate for Christmas : ) This was awesome because when I say she decorated I mean she REALLY decorated. I loved waking up in the mornings and walking into the living room, and looking through out the house... she would boil cinnamon sticks and when I would wake up, all you could smell was the sent of Christmas, and as I walked into the living room it was always just BEAUTIFUL and colorful : ) 
Mom, sis and I would always watch on the news to track santa. I loved that! A big map appeared on the tv screen and a little red light would blink, which is suppose to be Rudolph's nose flashing, and it would move all over the states : ) We would put out Cookies and milk for Santa, and I can remember waking up and running to see if Santa had ate the cookies : ) And always to my suprise, Yep he had taken a few bites and drank a little milk! It was years later that I realized who was really taking a bite out of the cookies and drinking the milk! A big thanks to my mom : )
My sis and I always opened presents Christmas morning in our Pj's...The tree was always overflowing with gifts from Santa and gifts from mom : ) I just love these moments and can't wait to see the joy in my sons eyes as we make memories like these. : )


  1. Yes, Christmas was very special. Mom, always tried to make great Holiday memories. She also decorates so wonderful.

  2. Thank you Audrey for your comments..It means alot to me that you and your sister have good memories..I am so proud of you and your sister..You both have grown into wonderful women..Love you all,,Mom


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