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Inspire Me Tuesdays~ An Early Christmas present : )

I almost missed my Tuesday! : ( I haven't been feeling well... and my computer was down for two days, and its now back up and running : ) I am inspired this Tuesday to share with you Noah's early Christmas gift... Dalton and I decided when he was born that we would always give him an early one every year!!! : ) He LOVED it! I wanted to share this because I have been waiting for Noah to get to the age that he really understood Christmas and not that its all about the presents and to talk about Jesus! Although I am excited because he is able to show emotion towards the gift :  )
We have been doing our Christmas countdown and we discussed the Nativity Scene tonight... He can point and say Jesus! : ) He says Angel! I was SOO suprised at how well he understood and it was great to share that with him and watch him with all his wonder!!!

So we waited a while and gave him his present... HE LOVED IT! I couldn't wait to see his reaction because he loves Toy Story!!! And he has been at the table the last hour playing with it! : ))) And he has made me read the story book three times already! : ) I served him popcorn in a snowman bowl : )) and he looked at the bowl and said SNOWMAN!!!! : ) I just love to watch how he is talking more, and really enjoying books, and playing with his little Toy Story figures! : ) It was great to see Daddy and him playing, standing the little figures in a row!!! : )) Because dad was a HUGE fan of G. I. Joes when he was little!!! He is ready to share that with Noah! : )

I loved his smile when he realized what it was!

 : ))))))))))))))

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