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Friday Reflection~ His Favorite

So while cooking tonights dinner I was doing a little reflecting, : ) We had Salmon Patties for supper and as I opened the cans and began to mix the ingredients and I smelled the smell I began to laugh, thinking back when I first met my husband and we went to his house for dinner and his mom had prepared Salmon Patties, rice and gravy : ) I didn't want to be rude so I took a bite out of the patty and just kinda smiled... I did my best to eat two lol I DID NOT LIKE salmon patties : ( later to find out this is my husbands FAVORITE food! : ) He begged me for the first year to make his favorite dinner ... Well after several attempts at it... I would open the can and almost get sick, and I could not stand the thought of picking through all the bones : / nasty! So I just never made patties for him ...

Well a little over a year ago I met a lady who told me she made salmon patties out of BONELESS salmon!! I was like "WHAT ? boneless salmon ? really!!!"

So I was super excited ... I purchased four cans! came home and prepared the patties by following this recipe
1 large can or two small cans ( like shown above )
1 egg
1/2 cup of saltine crackers ( crushed )
Lemon Pepper Season
1/4 cup of chopped onion

Mix pink salmon, egg, crackers, and lemon pepper... Form into patties and fry in olive or vegetable oil
When brown on each side... They are Finished : )

SOO good!!!

 I realized that when trying the patties for my first time that they had a really heavy fishy taste... eww! so I read that adding onion and lemon pepper would reduce the fishy taste and smell.. IT DID!!! I can't believe I now include salmon patties as my favorite food : ))) Love my hubby : )

Just wanted to share a little memory : )

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