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Homemade Valentines Gift for Your Hubby! : ))) A Jar Of Love

Valentines Day is right around the corner ...
A Jar Of Love!

SO are you looking to make your hubby something cute and simple for Valentines Day! : > ?? I wanted to share my gift to my hubby with you! All you need is an empty jar of some kind.. I LOVE candles so I just used one of my empty candle jars! : )  I cleaned it really good and I purchased some cheap scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby that says TRUE LOVE! : ) I made a label around the jar with the paper... I used construction paper to  make a small label on the jar ... Mine says 

Jar Of Love
Ingredients : Kisses, hugs, dinners, memories, games, FUN and all the reasons I love you!  

 I then cut small pieces of construction paper and I wrote different reasons I love him, memories, and even coupons...lol like a Kiss Coupon, dinner of your choice, laundry on me! : ) and movie night coupons! : )
MY husband LOVED this : ) He pulls out the kiss coupon a lot haha : )) Most of all this was fun ... thinking of all the reasons I love him : ) and thinking of all our memories... : )

Check Back next week for another Vday gift... " the coupon book " : )))) 


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