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Inspire Me Tuesdays ~ Mississippi Summers

I am inspired this Tuesday to share some memories : ) 

The sound of crickets, the smell of pine trees, running wide open in fields, warm dirty lakes, long nights of sitting around bon fires, cranking the country music up REAL loud, the smell of steaks on the grill, laying in the tailgate of a four wheel drive looking up at the stars, all the dirt pits we got stuck in.. Fireflies in the night, a mason jar full of something cold, four wheeler rides in the woods getting lost, the summers we had at my grandparents pool, the long rides to school with my sister in the "nanny car!" A country church with love and spirit...

Several summers while I was growing up in Mississippi these are the memories that fill my heart and mind. Living in  this place  while growing up was a chance to really get a different flavor of life. The people are nicer, the food is better, the pace is slower, and the iced tea is sweeter. 

Whether I was in town or out in the country, Mississippi was always the backdrop for family memories and fun, stories from Paw paw and if it was a good day, a ride on Richard Hardy's  horse or in the back of paw paws little yellow truck. My fond memories of Southern landscapes or sipping sweet tea on the porch and waving at folks as they passed by is such a sweet thing to think about ... : ) 

The Greenest place you'll ever see : )

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