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Friday Reflection~ Snowed In

Wow this week has been CRAZY with all the snow~ : ) We got ten inches!!! It was really pretty but after five days and we expect more! I am kinda like "go away white stuff" lol : )  The good thing is I got four days off! 
I got lots accomplished this week, got lots of sleep this week, watched movies with hubby, tried three new recipes.  ( posting next week ) and I got some well needed reading done : ) 

Hope your all having a warm and safe winter! Now come on SPRING!

so neat!

12 am snow angel!~

Our driveway is just not good in this kinda weather.. these track marks are my moms and she was in a 4 wheel drive : ( she slid into our ditch.


  1. I love your 12am snow angel! Enjoy it, looks like we are going to keep getting it, but it sure is pretty!

  2. Hey bestie- hot chocolate this weekend?

  3. Haha the 12 am snow angel was COLD lol it was like 8 degrees i think haha!!! THanks

    PLZ tiff! My mama's bday is today! : )) We should get together after church tomorrow!


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