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Journal it ! 2.28.2011

"In the spring,
at the end of the day,
you should smell like dirt."

Well Monday has came faster than I wanted but, it was a pretty good day. Hubby is off today and tomorrow so it was nice to make him breakfast and have dinner together and Noah and him had a great time playing all day. 

We are on day four of Noah actually having a nap and being in bed between 8:30 and 9:00pm. And up no later than 8 am . : ) Nap time has been everyday at 1 and lasted two in a half or more hours : ) lol 

I put myself to the test and actually did it over the weekend.. Because on the weekends I tend to wanna let him stay up later... so I managed to keep it on track.

I have been going thru a crazy last few weeks... I sounded like a broken sad record... "My emotions have been up and down, I have had few problems with work, Noah has been fighting the naps and bedtimes and just really testing us as parents, ( love two year olds : ) ) I battled a little bit with the "Snowed IN Cabin Fever Blues" : ( , now my mom is moving over ten hours away. : ( I keep wishing for more money. ( dont we all ) 

Well I am glad that the sun came out last week and I recovered LOL ... : ) I was blessed with the job going great now for the last two weeks, my hubby has been on a set schedule which has made me happy to get to cook dinner and spend time with Noah and him. The money situation will always be, so why fret it : ) I realize the GREAT weeks are MUCH better and longer lasting and feel more worth while then the few bad days I have... Attitude is always key. 

I am so happy to see Spring coming soon... Fresh air, flowers, sweet tea, a sun hat, waterfalls, creeks and the parks are calling our name : )

Spring will set me free : ) 

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