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My Refined Monday! 2.28.2011

               Refine your week with a little simple planning : ) 


I would like to share what works for us, what gets us through the week. I have been doing this for the last few months and its been GREAT! 
On Sunday nights when everyone is in bed, I stay up and browse my magazines and find recipes : ) I then create my weekly grocery list. When I do this I have an even bigger challenge,which is to stay on a $50.00 budget.  : ) On Monday I purchase 50.00 dollars worth of groceries for the week. I love this because it's also my "mommy gets a break moment" Believe me I am so guilty of BLARING the radio to my favorite tunes and singing to the top of my lungs!!! I even stop by McDonald's and buy me a Mocha or Sundae. : )

The grocery list making and trips to the store use to get overwhelming because some recipes required a lot of ingredients... And then it was hard bc I would need canned essentials like my tomato sauce, or veggies or cream soups. SOO I decided to Spend 30.00 dollars a month at the last Monday that I go and stock up on Canned and other veggies, so that fifty dollars really stretches and leaves me spending only 230.00 a month on groceries. : ) 

Mondays around the house and job have became one of my favorite days... lol Because hubby is usually off work and helps me out A LOT. : ) So Monday mornings I wake up thirty minutes earlier to work out.  ( springs a coming so soon it will be running) and then I come in have 1 glass of OJ and 1 Cup of Milk. I sit down and prepare a short but sweet week plan... This keeps me going and helps me get things done. 

This Week Looks like:
 A nice week in the 60's, staying in the week, playing outside, one park visit planned. This weekend is Dalton's Birthday and we will be celebrating Saturday at the Mardi Gra Parade in Eureka Springs and dinner at Copeland's Restaurant of New Orleans.

Monday : sweep, and clean all rooms, grocery shopping, errands,  2 loads of laundry, sweep.
Tuesday: dust, Va cum, and wash Sheets.1 load of laundry.
Wednesday:Clean Noah's Room, Clean Bathroom, Sweep & Mop. Exercise 
Thursday: Clean Bedrooms, 2 loads of Laundry. Clean Mirrors
Friday: * Remember Trash pick up!, Va cum, sweep patio and garage.  Wipe Toys Down  and clean all rooms for Weekend.

Noah's FUN
Mon: ABCs Review. Color Sheet.
Tues:123s, abc magnet fun on fridge.
Wednesday:Paint/ special snack Color Sheet.
Thursday: Action FlashCards.
Friday:Making Mardi Gra Mask : ) ABC Review
Saturday & Sunday I am off from housework lol. : ) BUT on Saturdays I do Exercise.

As of this Refined Monday with the grocery list made and the trip to the grocery store successful I made it home and we had a little extra money so we had Pizza for dinner... : ) 

Bath time was FUN, Noah enjoyed the Color Tablets for the bath tub. : ) He was amazed at the color of the water changing. : )  He is now playing with a Sticker Book and about to get ready to lay down for bed after we read 100 books: ) Nah, not really 100 but Little Noah has to have at least four or five read to him ... : ) ) He is excited about reading tonight bc over the weekend we stopped by Boarders Book Store, they were having a huge book sale bc the store is closing.. So tonight we have three new books about Tonka Trucks to read : ) : ) a 4 $ steal : ) 

As for hubby and I we are gonna get in a little Playstation3 time and then watch our FAVORITE show.. " Pretty Little Liars" : ) ) 


continue with the early morning rise for Noah, and the cuddle time in the chair just ME and HIM and cartoons.
STAY positive. 
Find a bakery or place that makes King Cakes for D's Bday.
No COFFEE>.. keep drinking 1 cup OJ 1 Cup of Milk every morning . ( just bc I like it ) lol 

I am ready for the week.. Hope you all have a Wonderful one : )

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  1. This has motivated me and I really like the way you set up your week with Noah. You can do it. And when the bad days come don't give up o nit. Pick up the next day (moment) and start over. I have to do this a lot. It is worth it! Don't ever give up trying to make your home and family a haven even when it seems like it isn't working. Tweak it and move on!


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