Just a Barefoot Southern Mama! :) Growing, learning and loving daily :) My life has many blessings and I am so thankful for the Grace that has been shown to me! I'm married to my soul mate/ best friend Dalton! We have a sweet little boy Noah. I now know what it feels like to watch your heart walk outside your body :) You can find me in my home surrounded with Children, baking, crafting and reading. THIS BLOG: Has Became my SCRAPBOOK more than anything.


My 3 month Fast from Blogging is over :))

This past winter I went through a blues period in my life... I know it was because it was a very cold, and a snowy winter.. I love to bake and craft in the winter. But I am also a huge outdoors kinda gal, plus moving to NWA I have never in my life seen winters like the last two we have had. Being from Mississippi even during the winter you can do lots outside bc its not freezing haha. Either way I was blogging heavily, But it seemed to take time away from the things I really use to enjoy, like baking or reading novels, and writing poetry. I also see that the world is so surrounded with computers, we don't even hand write letters anymore. Yes I do have facebook and I have managed my posting there as well. But  for the last three months I have been journaling.. actually sitting down and journaling.. Scrapbooking.. As well as making memory books for Noah. I have learned so much about myself, family , and life from this. Instead of sitting in front of a computer and sharing my thoughts, life and memories. I am putting it all in writing. I miss reading blogs more than anything and have some amazing blogger friends :) But for now I'm back, and will be sharing things from time to time with you. I encourage you to find a quiet spot at the end of the day, when the kids sleep, and your hubby is fed, and write... write it all down :)

This is special to me.. My mother gave me this  "mothers keepsake memory book"

This is my Journal 

I've been writing and writing... I think I almost have a Novel haha

Another special Memory book I write for Noah :))


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