Just a Barefoot Southern Mama! :) Growing, learning and loving daily :) My life has many blessings and I am so thankful for the Grace that has been shown to me! I'm married to my soul mate/ best friend Dalton! We have a sweet little boy Noah. I now know what it feels like to watch your heart walk outside your body :) You can find me in my home surrounded with Children, baking, crafting and reading. THIS BLOG: Has Became my SCRAPBOOK more than anything.

Meet Me : )

Born on November 5, 1986 in Little Rock Arkansas ... I lived in Arkansas a few years and then moved to Mississippi...
I grew up in the south... loving every minute of the small town beauty, the way the air felt on your skin.. Touched by the sun and kissed by the rain : ) The many dirt or back roads I have been down... the swimming holes we all went dipping in : ) What about the sound of the crickets! The smell of the Rain, the look in the Sky that only Mississippi holds... : ) Yeaa.. I'll admit it, its home... It holds MUCH happiness... and LOADS of pain! Yet again it's just life. I grew up a very happy child, things happened, things went wrong...things found a way to always go right...  but at the end of the day I was pretty  much always SAFE and LOVED. And I am very thankful I have such a strong mother.Child hood is child hood... 

And now I have ....
the sweetest little boy in the world, he is a big ball of energy, and he is such a "free spirit".
the best husband and best friend. I love him with all of me and appreciate all he has done for our family. 
An amazing mom who I love to pieces : ) She has taught me so much, and she has always supported my decisions and been there to pick me up when I made mistakes. She has loved me no matter what. She is beautiful inside and out and I am so glad to have her as my mom.
A father who I barely see, or have seen over the years. But, he has been there the best he could and possibly know how to be for me. And he is just tickled to death to be a grandpa.
A sister who I am so happy to have : ) she is everything I want to be and more. She is an awesome mother, wife and child of God. She has always loved me and been there for me.
I have the best nephews and nieces in the world!!!
I might of been born in Arkansas, but I have lived in Louisiana and Mississippi. The place I consider "home" or "back where I come from" ha: ) is the ugly state of Mississippi. : ) In a VERY small town, where pillow talk is all there is...

You can find me now

Happily married to my best friend Dalton. We have a wonderful two year old son. He is our world, he makes me a better person. :) I believe in the simple things in life like kissing my childs little head a million times a day, giving my husband all the love I can! A good book, A glass of wine on the patio at night! You can find me baking up something sweet, playing with little Noah, talking with hubby, taking walks with family, dancing a little to much, laughing way out loud, watching tv, exercising, blogging, reading, writing, taking pictures,   and mostly with my FAMILY & FRIENDS~  

I love to just live and be happy!!! I truly believe everyday is a new leaf. 

Buttercups in the sunshine look like little cups of gold. Perhaps the Faeries come to drink the raindrops that they hold. 
I am so thankful! :)

What was... is not what will be, let hope light your path in life's journey, and it will set you free.
Thank you for reading : ) 
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